Driver Refresher Guide


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The booklet reviews previously taught Smith 5 Keys® information in both forward and backing, emphasizing the concepts of Space – Visibility – Time.

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Driver Refresher Guide


The booklet reviews previously taught Smith 5 Keys® information in both forward and backing, emphasizing the concepts of Space – Visibility – Time. A detachable 5 Keys Refresher Quiz (5KRQ) is included to measure the students’ level of retention of the information delivered during their initial training. We have also included a comprehensive Driving Techniques Quiz (DTQ) to test the students’ understanding of some key points delivered during past on-road training instruction.

Our Vehicle Backing/Parking Evaluation Form (VBPE) is utilized on-road to bring home backing and parking points discussed in the classroom. This real-world assessment of parking choices combined with the delivery of our 5 Keys collision avoidance solutions helps students realize the value of the information you are delivering.

The Observation Drive Form (ODF) offers you more structure during the initial observation portion of the on-road program. Designed to aid you in assessing each student’s level of retention from their prior training session, results derived from the use of this form will mark each student’s pre-training abilities and serve as a benchmark for performance throughout the training day. The information on this form also serves as a support tool for the coaching session and will be helpful in developing goals for the feedback (DEF) portion of the day.

A detachable 2-part Driver Evaluation Form (DEF) is included to be used as a tool to assess and document each driver’s behind the wheel performance. On the back of the evaluation form is printed a series of numbered behind-the-wheel exercises referred to as “Skill Drills.” When you review your evaluation with the student after their drive, look for any low scores and find a corresponding Drill to help students improve their performance and change undesirable habits.

During the feedback portion of the day, the Driver Assessment Form (DAF) is used by the non-driving students to evaluate their peers behind the wheel. In a group training session, these duties are rotated among the students so everyone is thoroughly knowledgeable in all 5 Keys. The Driver Assessment Form (DAF) is designed as an additional exercise to help promote a deeper understanding of the benefits the driver can obtain from the proper use of each Key.

A detachable Certificate of Completion is included to be awarded to the driver upon the successful conclusion of the training day.

On the back cover of the DriverRefresher Guide, you will find our two static stickers – The 5 Keys and The 5 Keys to Backing Safety – which can be applied to the windshield as a daily reminder of The Smith 5 Keys.

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