Driver Study Guide Small Vehicle


This product is available for purchase by certified trainers only.

This training aid has been designed to help reinforce the classroom training and enhance the on-road experience.

Minimum Qty: 25


25 – 99 7.50
100 – 499 6.75
500 – 999 5.95
1000 – 4999 5.50
5000 4.95

This training aid has been designed to help reinforce the classroom training and enhance the on-road experience.

This “8 ½ x 11” booklet delivers “The Smith 5 Keys” information in two sections, forward motion and backing. At the end of each section is a detachable quiz to measure and document student comprehension. If you are presenting a refresher course, you will find a Refresher Quiz on the backside of the Forward Motion Quiz. This quiz possesses questions dealing with “The Smith 5 Keys” information in both sections, forward and backing motion.

As you move the students to the behind-the-wheel environment, you may want to use the Vehicle Backing/Parking Evaluation Form to emphasize backing and parking points discussed in the classroom. This real-world assessment of parking choices and delivery of “5 Keys” backing collision avoidance solutions helps students realize the value of the information you are delivering.

We have included a detachable two-part Driver Evaluation form to use while evaluation the driver’s on-road ability. On the back of this form are numbered behind-the-wheel drills. When reviewing the evaluation and discussing the skills assessment with the student following their on-road drive, you can recommend ways to change undesirable habits and improve performance by practicing the appropriate drills.

We have also included a comprehensive On Road Quiz to test the student’s understanding of “The 5 Keys” utilized in the on-road environment. A detachable personalized Certificate is included in the booklet for presentation to the driver upon completion of the course.

On the back cover of the “Driver Study Guide,” you will find our “5 Key Static Sticker” to be used as a windshield reminder of the need to drive every day using The Smith “5 Keys”.

Available in Truck or Small Vehicle

Available in Spanish, French (Small Vehicle Only), and Arabic (Truck Version Only)

Min Quantity: 25

Price Per Unit: $7.50

Product Versions

SSB-332SV Small Vehicles English $7.50
SSB-332SV-RHD Small Vehicles Right Hand Drive (UK) English $7.50
SSB-332SV-DUT Small Vehicles Dutch $7.50
SSB-332SV-FRE Small Vehicles French (Canadian) $7.50
SSB-332SV-BPT Small Vehicles Portuguese (Brazilian) $7.50
SSB-332SV-RUS Small Vehicle Russian $7.50
SSB-332SV-SPA Small Vehicle Spanish $7.50
SSB-332SV-ARA Small Vehicle Arabic $7.50
SSB-332SV-GER Small Vehicle German $7.50

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